Should I Get a Mold Inspection When Buying a House?

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Should I Get a Mold Inspection When Buying a House? – A common thought going through potential homeowners’ minds is, ”Should I get a mold inspection when buying a house?” Today we will be exploring this very question and will see how much you really need a professional to check the house for mold, along with a few more questions:

  • Does insurance cover mold?
  • What does black mold smell like?
  • How do I check the house for mold by myself?

Does homeowners insurance cover mold?

Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not give coverage for mold or mold-related damages. In fact, they usually mention that damages caused primarily due to mold will not be covered which is one of the reasons why you should get a mold inspection while buying a house.

Should I get a mold inspection when buying a house?

If you see any of the following signs, the answer to the question, “Should I get a mold inspection when buying a house” is 100% yes.

Firstly, check if the house has any water intrusion issues, leakages, seepage issues, etc. Where there is water, it is very likely that mold will follow. Keeping on the topic of water-related checks, you have to go through the plumbing to look for any prolonged leakage. Also, remember to check the roof for the same.

Even if there is no apparent water intrusion issue, a poorly maintained house that hasn’t seen regular cleaning and checkups is much more likely to have mold problems than a well-maintained one.

Coming to the air you breathe. If the HVAC unit of the house isn’t working properly or if there’s an unpleasant musty odor in the home, it’s safe to say that the house needs a mold inspection ASAP as it is more than likely that the house has a mold problem.

How do you check a house for mold?

You can also check the house for visible signs of mold yourself. Distinguishing between mold and dirt can be tough by just looking, but there’s an easier way. All you have to do is spray or dab a little household bleach on the place where you suspect the mold. If the area gets lighter after a few minutes, it’s mold, otherwise, it’s just dirt.

Is there a device that can detect mold?

There are a few devices on the market that can help you detect mold. Aptly named, these mold test kits can give you a rough estimate of how much mold you have within a few hours. A mold test kit will detect any spores in the room and can even go into your heating, aircon, and ventilation vents to do the same. However, these kits aren’t completely accurate and you should get a mold inspection when buying a house if you suspect mold.

What does black mold smell like?

Black mold is just not just smelly, but it can also irritate people with asthma or other sensitivities. Black mold smells very earthy, like rotting plant matter. Look around areas exposed to water and check for this musty smell. If you smell it, get in touch with a mold remediation service for further inspection and cleaning.

Conclusion on Should I Get a Mold Inspection When Buying a House

In conclusion, mold can be a really tricky issue to tackle. It’s mostly invisible and most insurance policies don’t cover the damages caused by it. While you can always check for mold yourself by either just looking/smelling around or using a home mold test kit, you should get a mold inspection when buying a house and it should be done by a professional. Better safe than sorry.

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